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Über DS Cabrio Tils


We are a small team of Citroen DS enthusiasts in St. Leon-Rot in Germany in the heart of the Rhein-Neckar area. One year ago three stalwart friends scraped home. They realize their ideas in secondary employment and help with words and deeds the convertible owners in all questions. Naturally we will act within our means, if we should be asked by DS owners, to help in common questions like installation of a LPG-system, a trailer coupling, or the admission of an official certificate of a vintage car license plate a.s.o. .


Already more than 33 years ago in the summer of 1982 the idea of the DS Cabriolets with 4 doors, a four pieces hardtop, and a LPG installation was realized with the first example of a TILS DS CONVERTIBLE from Eberhard Tils. The hardtop pieces can be stored without any problems in the trunk. Eight years ago an example of a 4 Doors DS Convertible with a stainless steel vehicle floor was made exceptionally for a customer in Asia. Beside experiences of Eberhard Tils as Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering the collaboration with several conversions into convertible cars from other European producers helped a lot.


  • Solutions, which cover the suitability for daily use of a Citroen DS is gives them top priority.
  • Beside the suitability for daily use of a TILS DS CONVERTIBLE and the long-distance capability we want to realize the whole usage as a vacation car and family car as much as possible.
  • In addition to the realization of modern solutions “invisible as possible” for the DS high quality is our benchmark.
  • We try tirelessly to find an adequate solution for every wish of our customers.
  • We decided to offer wholly 2- and 4-doors TILS DS CONVERTIBLES in accordance with our quality standards as well as  retrofits of customer cars into convertibles.
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