DS Cabrio Tils


Do drive the Citroen DS as much as possible and do banish this lovely creature as seldom as possible in a garage! Show everybody, that there exists beautiful, timeless car-design from France.

We want not only to keep the charms of French classic convertibles and especially the Citroen DSConvertibles alive but also provide them perfectly for daily use. For this reason we determined to Import exclusively “Original-Oord-Convertibles” out of the Netherlands. The “Original-Oord-Convertibles” have a much better stability than the well-known “Chapron-Convertibles”. We do have definitively big regard and respect to the idea and realization and the socage of Mister Chapron to build an „Open Goddess“ and sell it in a higher quantity. It should have been much better, to strengthen the frame of the DS Chapron Convertible in common a lot.

For the company Oord we are the General-Importer worldwide.
The company Oord produces various models of the Original-Oord-Citroen-DS-Convertibles. The details of these convertibles are described in the chapter “Our Convertibles” precisely.

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